Tucson Traffic Justice
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BREAKING NEWS:  A new comprehensive study of Tucson ticket camera intersections shows
cameras have produced no improvement in traffic safety.
Read study here  (pdf)
Tucson Traffic Justice is a volunteer-driven, grass roots organization working for the enactment of
Proposition 201, the ballot initiative which eliminates red light cameras and automated photo radar
enforcement in the City of Tucson, Arizona.

Red light cameras and automated photo radar enforcement supposedly protect us from reckless
drivers. A closer look at the situation, however, reveals that the tickets are little more than a revenue
generator for American Traffic Solutions and the City of Tucson.

American Traffic Solutions Inc. currently provides red light camera and automated photo radar
enforcement service to the City of Tucson. This unaccountable private firm is essentially responsible
for examining each photo and checking the registration on every vehicle. American Traffic Solutions is
paid for each ticket issued and is handsomely compensated for their services. Additionally, the
company coaches the cops who present the evidence. On top of that, American Traffic Solutions also
has sessions with the judges assigned to these cases.

While the tickets provide the city with revenue, the problem is the trickery and manipulation involved in
the process. In order to maximize the number of citations issued, the timespan of yellow lights at
certain intersections has been shortened. Arizona has also defined the boundary of an intersection to
be the curb line, not the crosswalk as many believe. This results in more tickets which translate into
more dough for the contractor and the city.  

The citizens of Tucson have never been given an opportunity to voice their opinion regarding the use of
traffic cameras.  Proposition 201 allows them this chance.   A YES vote on Proposition 201 will
eliminate red light cameras and photo radar vans on all Tucson city streets.

This is an all-volunteer grass roots effort funded completely by private donations.  Please join us in our
effort to eliminate photo radar by making a contribution to Tucson Traffic Justice.  All donations - $10,
$20, $50, or $100 - will help us be victorious at the ballot box!